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Happy customers of Nason Homes"We looked at over 30 houses and once we saw this house it automatically felt like home. The open floor plan mixed with intricate touches such as the arches in the living room and the granite counter-tops throughout the house with the addition of the patio fireplace solidified our choice on choosing a home to settle down in and raise our children. Having found the right home made things even better once we met the builder, Stuart. He truly made us feel as though we would not only be moving into a house, but building a home and foundation for our family."


"We would recommend Nason Homes to anyone looking to buy or build a new home. Stuart is the one we credit for selling us our home. He came a talked to us about his process and more importantly he talked to us about his family. He was very real and very open. Granted the house is gorgeous, but he made it where we could picture this house as our home. One thing I will never forget and meant a lot was he said that he would never build a house that he would not want to live in with his family. Nason Homes has now become family. They have helped make our dreams a reality and if we ever grow out of this house, we will definitely look to Nason Homes for the next." -The Younker Family


"We think the craftsmanship and quality of the home was superior to other builders"


"The attention to detail is amazing and truly gave me piece of mind to purchase my first home! Nason Homes provides impeccable attention to detail and it helped us know you had our interest at heart."