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About Nason Homes

Stuart Beattie Stuart Beattie the owner of Nason Homes grew up in Snellville,Ga a small suburb of Atlanta. Growing up, Stuart was active in sports and pretty much anything outdoors. Having a father who enjoyed a very successful career in the building supply business and a very close uncle who is considered to be one of the best carpenters around in his home town it wasn't long before Stuart took an interest in the building industry.  At the age of 12 Stuart had his first job in the industry, cleaning the lumber yard and washing the delivery trucks on Saturdays at the lumber yard his dad managed.  At the age of 14, Stuart worked a full time schedule during the summer months loading and unloading trucks then went on to operate fork lifts. At the age of 16, Stuart was driving trucks delivering material to job sites.  During high school Stuart developed a passion for the building industry that shifted his interest from sports to the building business.  By his senior year of high school Stuart went to school in the morning then straight to work in the evenings holding a full time position on the night shift at a local lumber company.

After graduating high school, Stuart enrolled at Georgia Military College where he earned his associates degree, then continued on to Ga College and Ga State University where he went on to earn a degree in Business Management. During his senior year of college, Stuart started receiving job offers at various lumber companies to go into sales. With one semester left before graduation, Stuart accepted a position in sales at a lumber company that had multiple locations in the Atlanta metro area.  While growing his business in lumber sales, Stuart went on to graduate college by taking night classes.  In his first year of outside sales Stuart was awarded "Rookie of the Year". The year after that and at the age of 25 Stuart sold $20,000,000 in material by supplying some of the largest builders in Ga. 
While continuing a successful career in lumber sales, in 2003 Stuart formed Nason Homes. Nason Homes began building new homes around Lake Oconee and metro Atlanta ranging in price from $150,000 to highly customized homes in excess of $500,000. Stuart realized that Nason Homes strong point was offering quality built, well designed homes with custom features at an affordable price.  In 2009, Nason Homes broke ground in Augusta Ga with huge success offering many custom included features in larger square footage homes at a value that Augusta had not seen. While other builders "nickled and dimed" for every option, Stuart's straight forward approach was welcomed with new orders from families throughout Augusta. In 2013, after studying the market for over a year, Nason Homes decided to expand into Tennessee. Offering the same features in quality built new homes at a price the market had never seen before, Nason Homes has grown into one of Tennessee's most sought after family owned new home builders in a very short time.  
Nason Homes gets asked all the time how they can build such quality homes that are packed with many of features that other builders charge for upgrades and deliever an unbeatable value.  Stuart says "There is not one answer to that question there are many reasons. During the years Nason Homes has grown into a company that is made up of some of the best people in the business.  When I say the best I really mean that!  They are all very smart, extremely hard working, and combined have in excess of 150 years of the right experience. Most of all, they are all trustworthy, honest people who believe in doing the right thing.  Whether we build 50 homes or 500,  the Nason Team believes in building the best home for the best price and building each one as if our family was going to live in it." Stuart often gets asked why he choose to be a builder? "That's easy.... Taking a piece of raw land and transforming it into a family's home that they will build a lifetime of memories is one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of.  It never gets old watching land transform from dirt to a well deserving family move into the home of their dreams.  Every time a family makes the decision to purchase a Nason Home we take it as a huge compliment that a family chose to call our hard work their home.  I can not think of a better way to make a living."  Stuart Beattie